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2021 Computing and AI Trends that May Change the Future for Good

IT Biz Today Staff

For people around the world, 2020 wasn’t the best year. The global pandemic caused numerous disruptions and hijacked different industries and sectors. The economy was in chaos. But at the same time, the technological world saw a wave of transformation. Since the beginning of the pandemic, businesses started moving towards digitalization. This initiative helped industries survive and function during the outbreak. Here are some of the computing and AI trends that we can expect in 2021:

1. Advances in Computing Power

Deep learning provides solutions to complex and complicated problems for computing power. If we consider the current computing and AI trends, it takes a long time to learn about different tasks and activities. Such problems made it essential to advance computing power. Companies can solve complicated problems and perform arduous tasks with the help of new computing technologies.

2. AI-enabled Chips

With current technology, AI-based CPUs are still not capable of improving efficiency for machine learning models. This limits advancement in cases such as speech recognition, natural language processing, and computer vision. AI-enabled chips improve efficiency for task optimization. These chips make CPUs quite intelligent and enhance performance by solving complicated tasks. Big companies in the tech industry such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook are investing in AI-enabled chips. These chips support businesses by providing faster predictive analytics and query processing. Industries such as automobiles and healthcare need to deliver intelligence through these chips.

3. Advances in GPUs

The most amazing and commercially-used AI-enabled chipsare GPUS. While rendering the image, computing power plays a vital role. A GPU can process numerous tasks in real-time, making it the best technology for rendering processes. GPU is the latest advanced technology that renders better-quality images and performs simple tasks with great speed.

Experts contribute to developing modern GPUs that are powerful enough to perform tasks besides image rendering. For instance, this technology helps in advanced machine learning models and cryptocurrency mining. GPU enables AI models to learn efficiently and perform repetitive tasks productively.

4. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is unlike that of traditional computer systems. Previously, the system worked with binary states. However, quantum systems enhance performance with quantum mechanics. With the integration of quantum systems, the working mechanism will depend on qubits instead of bits. Bits include 0 and 1 as the binary system, but a qubit includes both at the same time. This additional state offers new opportunities and possibilities for fast computation while performing tasks. The tasks include digital approximations and neural network optimizations.


These computing and AI trends will change the outlook of the future. Businesses are becoming tech-savvy with cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. On the other hand, cloud computing and AI technologies are increasing confidence, optimization, security, and efficiency. Consequently, AI technology is set to progress even further in 2021.


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