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Breaking Down AI: 10 Real Applications in Healthcare

Demystify artificial intelligence (AI) and learn how it can help solve healthcare challenges in this interactive e-book. Explore how AI and advanced analytics offer new strategies for healthcare through the convergence of your available physical, digital, and biological data. Find out how these capabilities help enable predictive care, such as identifying early warning signs of disease in high-risk patients, and recommending more precise treatment based on similar patient data.

Discover practical use cases for applying AI and data analytics to make healthcare more efficient while improving clinical quality and health-related outcomes. Access and interact with a variety of scenarios, including:
  • Sharing and analyzing clinical data to deliver targeted health services and improve outcomes through predictive care.
  • Using operational data to optimize your management of claims, staffing, and overall costs.
  • Detecting and preventing fraudulent claims and other abuses based on behavioral patterns.

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