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The Most Unsatisfying Challenges Faced By Quantum Computing Experts

IT Biz Today Staff
Quantum Computing

Today, everyone knows about how quantum computing is revolutionizing the digital world. It offers much leverage to the quantum computing experts so they can solve critical problems. For instance, with exceptional speed, experts can solve complicated problems in remarkably less time. Almost every industry can benefit from the flexibility and speed of quantum computing technology. Let’s understand these challenges that create problems for quantum computing experts.

Challenges Faced by Quantum Computing Experts

A Chinese company SpinQ Technology launched the first-ever quantum computer in the first month of 2021. The company state that their computer uses nuclear magnetic resonance to simplify complicated problems. However, the cost of $5000 is not a significant amount, but you have to be unbiased while reviewing the computer.

Tech companies are spending millions of dollars on quantum computers. But, experts are having various challenges rather than understanding the underlying quantum principles to perform the tasks. Here are some challenges that quantum computing experts are facing:

1. Limitation of Error Collection

Photons have weak interactions with the environment, which makes them natural isolation components. That is why photons are perfect elements to carry data and information. Experts represent this data with qubits in the quantum computing world. The qubits travel at room temperature. Another benefit of these computers is optic-based telecommunication infrastructure. Also, the experts can integrate the existing fiber with the updated one. But, there are a few limitations of this infrastructure as photonic quantum computing cannot resolve the error correction and fault tolerance process.

2. Isolation of Ions

Quantum hardware uses ion qubits and depends on optical signals or microwave transmission in free space. That way the information travels to the qubits location. The latest QC prototype has a chain of 5 to 20 static ions packed together. This raises a wide range of problems, such as:

  • Difficulty to measure individual qubits
  • The problem in addressing individual ions with gate laser beams
  • Increasing chain length makes it impossible for experts to measure individual ion motions.

3. Qubits

Qubits are the quantum memory unit that can be in more than one state. Unlike traditional bits, qubits can have both 0 and 1 at the same time. This happens because superposition indicates that 8 qubits can represent numbers between 0 and 255 at the same time. But, the multiplication of qubits causes numerous problems. The major problem that arises is decoherence, which makes it difficult to maintain the numbers.

4. Quantum Reversible Gates

It is possible to reconstruct the reversible gate by checking the output. In classical computation, the NOT inverter gate is reversible. However, the XOR gate is irreversible because it doesn’t identify the output.


Understanding the new advancement in quantum computation for both experts and non-experts will be simple in the future. But before that, there are a few various challenges t hat experts should identify and resolve. The above-mentioned challenges are some examples of what problems experts are facing right now. But, many tech giants are resolving these problems to provide us with the best computing solutions.


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