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The New Wave of Digital Acceleration is Here to Stay!

IT Biz Today Staff

Even before the pandemic hit last year, technology was shifting towards mobile-optimization and cloud technology. Technological investments expanded along with IT and finance functions, causing digital acceleration to thrive. Small and medium businesses could access innovational digital tools, enhancing their growth and contributions to industries.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses started expediting the transformation process. The competitive nature of the market was crucial for producing valuable results. Even the workplace is moving away from traditional and onto newer processes. One example of this is the use of advanced software to handle routine tasks in organizations. However, we have a lot to see in the future by considering the current situation.

1. Embracing the Digital Labor

Experts are incorporating digital bots and labor into the business sector. But, with COVID-19, the need to automate business processes accelerated. Automation of business activities allows uninterrupted tasks despite the crisis. By leveraging new advancements, businesses reduce their dependency on personnel. Still, these technologies require efficiency for the development of digital labor. Improving digital tools will boost the advancement of industries.

2. Evolving the Workspaces

COVID-19 is helping businesses shift to an innovative working process. People focus on changing working models for flexibility and mobility in their business activities.You will notice a great swing in employment reconstruction as well. Digital platforms will support the adaptation of new models, creating a futuristic workspace.

3. Engagement through As-a-Service models

In this time of economic uncertainty, businesses and customers will reconstruct their engagement with suppliers and partners. Therefore, businesses should reconstruct their plans and align with the new and trendy landscape.Digital platforms will work as the backbone for these prepositions. This encourages them to provide accurate solutions on as-a-service models.

4. Expanding the Digital Skills

Digital acceleration will give businesses a competitive edge in the market. The future depends on the triad skills. The triad includes digital skills, functional/ domain skills, and professional skills. The era is a suitable time to develop a persistent foundation for digital skills. You will leverage the downtime and reflect the digital talent base for recruitment.

5. Evaluating the Tech Support Foundations

Many large companies implement multiple cycles of tech support. This builds-up the technology debt in the market. Business leaders can cope with the crisis by identifying opportunities and evaluating the tech landscape. If you manage this well, you will be open to new opportunities for future digital investments.


You can start your journey towards digital acceleration and increase your capabilities by altering the workflow and becoming a cognitive enterprise. Digital transformation is powering the global economy and reshaping individual companies, customer experience, and industries.To uphold the environmental shift during the crisis, it’s important to act quickly and carefully.

The technological world is expanding and advancing at a rapid pace. Nevertheless, they still possess an untapped potential to build a better world. At the same time, remote working is fueling digital acceleration by introducing remote working tools, digital workflow, and other communication software.


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