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The Underlying Benefits of Using a Password Manager

IT Biz Today Staff

It’s a known fact that passwords are neither foolproof nor the best security measure to protect data. Most people’s passwords are easy to crack and do not offer any robust protection. Hackers can easily decode a weak password. In fact, they have many ways to crack your password, and use it for hacking your computer, stealing important data, and committing identity fraud.

The majority of people do not have the time to change their passwords often and they do not prefer changing them either. That is because most of them will find it very difficult to remember their passwords if they keep on changing them. This is also the reason why many users choose easy to remember passwords, which are weak enough for hackers to crack.

How Can a Password Manager Help

A password manager can be the simplest way to create a strong password to stop hackers. It will automatically generate a long, hard-to-crack password to offer a greater level of security for your data. The passwords will be random, so it will be hard for hackers to steal your data.

If your passwords are difficult to decipher, hackers will move to other users. As there are a lot of potential victims with easy to decode passwords, hackers will choose easy pickings instead of working on a strong password to exploit it. Besides, password managers will also make the password hackers decode worthless by automatically changing them regularly. This is much safer than using the same passwords for a long time.

Below are three ways in which a password manager can help safeguard your data.

They Create Lengthy and Complex Passwords

Password managers are dedicated apps that automatically generate a random password for your online profiles or social media accounts. The app will store the password created and replace it on a regular basis. Besides, password managers also generate long and complex passwords that are difficult to hack. 

Password managers are designed to solve two major problems for users. The first is that most people are unable to create complex and hard passwords, and the second is that many users do not want to change passwords regularly. Password managers solve both these problems by creating strong passwords as well as changing them automatically from time to time. This way, your data and information stored on the online accounts will be safe from falling into the wrong hands.

They Help to Save Time

Password managers can make you much more productive at work. The app will automatically detect which websites you normally use and generate the best possible password for your account on them. They can also help to automatically log you into the website for easy and quick access.

This means that you do not have to spend time to memorize the passwords or type them whenever you want to access your online profiles or social media accounts. You do not have to reset the passwords in case you forget them either. This helps save some more time and also makes you more productive.

They Protect Sensitive Data

Password managers are designed to offer an additional layer of protection for your sensitive data. They have excellent security measures to ensure that no one can steal your information that easily. Some of the password managers are equipped with a fingerprint scanner as well. This ensures that no one else can have access to your data. They’ll also come with dark web scanning features to identify any kind of illegal use of your data. This can help to catch or deter hackers.

While merely creating random and strong passwords will be enough to discourage hackers from stealing your data, stronger encryption will further make data theft difficult for them. Apparently, a password manager can be the simplest security measure to avoid data breach and data loss.

Choosing a Good Password Manager

A reliable password manager will offer numerous security features, but you may not need all of them. You just need to make sure that your password manager generates random passwords and changes them regularly. You can also choose a password manager that offers two-factor authentication. This is a vital security feature to add an extra layer of protection for your sensitive data on top of using strong passwords. The two-factor authentication feature will require you to identify yourself in order to access the data in your online accounts.


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