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Understanding The Advantages And Risks Of Security Automation

IT Biz Today Staff

The increase of automation is a common element in stories that touch most business segments, which also include information technology. IT security is among the areas in which automation has demonstrated the maximum value. In IT security, it can not only minimize costs but also make vulnerabilities in several situations less severe.

Consider software updates, a basic form of automation that almost all businesses have implemented. In a non-automated system, the information technology staff or workers themselves will be accountable for updating computers on a constant basis. It is unfortunate that this brings about one of these situations.

  • Puts much load on the information technology department
  • Places security responsibilities with workers who may either require more training to do the process correctly or may be unaware of the repercussions of noncompliance

Automation can fix the two aforesaid issues, but it is likely to pose risks. Therefore, businesses have to carefully contemplate the advantages and risks before they automate various security tasks.


Automating The Inappropriate Task

Assume that you are concerned regarding business password security. In this situation, you may automate your system to require every user to change their password once per month. It is not a good move as regular password changes are likely to make users choose the kinds of passwords that can be easily cracked.

The better measure is to make a dual-factor authentication system mostly automatic, which would necessitate users to type a code delivered to their devices after the first sign-in attempt.

Anonymous Flaws And Insufficiency Of Monitoring

Not all systems are foolproof. Anyhow, several entities tend to be arrogant regarding their security, thinking that they have paid much attention to the details and have little to dread. Unfortunately, not implementing a breach detection system means that an anonymous security compromise can infect the system of an entity for days without them knowing it.

Thinking That When A System Is Adjusted, It Does Not Require Any More Attention

Automated systems do not need much oversight, which is likely to cause complacency over time. Businesses make a system which appears foolproof, only to forget to keep abreast of changing security threats afterward. Quite soon, they will find a new type of cyberattack outsmarting their system and will discover that their security has not grown besides one another.


Fewer Routine Tasks Than Before

On face value, the benefit of automation is this: the process deals with repetitive tasks that require the time that workers could spend elsewhere. This lowers fatigue at the same time as saving the entity resources that are divertible to projects which offer added value to them. This means less balancing of factors between information technology security projects and projects different from those like hardware upgrades.

Less Possibility Of Mistakes From People

The more a person should do a particular task again, the more inattentive that he or she is bound to be. Not having enough experience and training is also likely to bring about security mistakes. Automation can mean under-qualified employees do not have to follow best practices while avoiding the need for entities to train their staff to achieve more tasks.

Automated Security Systems Are Easily Scalable

When your systems are with your workers, it is important to scale those whenever your entity evolves. This means recruiting and training further workers to maintain the systems. This, in turn, results in taking more measures to confirm that new workers can act as per those compliance standards that are pertinent to your business.

Greater Predictability

A system that is automated can be relied on. It alone will not do, but it can always be relied on for what it is made to do, in the same way as it is conceived to. While automated security may be smart to the same extent as the system designers, when coupled with the right maintenance and monitoring, it could be invaluable to your security team.

Understanding Security Automation’s Risks And Advantages Can Aid Your Business In Remaining Prepared

Whenever you take up a fresh security project, it is likely that you will make yourself vulnerable to some amount of risk. It takes time to set up, trial, and implement fresh systems. At every single phase, your business is likely to be vulnerable unpredictably. Anyhow, not taking the next measure can easily cause your business to be in a difficult situation. Therefore, all organizations must follow the newest trend only after understanding the advantages and risks of new technology.

Do you completely understand the vulnerabilities and threats of your entity? If not, you must hire an information technology professional that has the ability to help you effectively put a system in place for your entity. Effectively utilized security automation will possibly do the standard maintenance tasks which protect your business and it can detect breach attempts. Are you keen on knowing more things about how to benefit from security automation? If yes, get in touch with us for a network assessment at no cost.


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