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What Does It Mean by “Democratization of Artificial Intelligence”?

IT Biz Today Staff
Artificial Intelligence

You must have heard the term “Artificial Intelligence” because you’re most probably using it. Artificial intelligence is the technology that revolutionized other mainstream technologies around us to improve customer experiences, business operations, and more. However, AI is soon meeting with democratization. Democratization may seem like a dirty word to some fellows.

On the positive side, it’s a great thing considering the popularity of AI and its associated applications. That’s because democratizing artificial intelligence will make it more readily available to the population around the world. AI is now a resource that can help businesses sustain their operations and customize user/customer experience for better growth.

The Fundamental Concept of AI Democratization

You understand the concept from the basics. A democratic society refers to where all people get respective representation and individual rights as human beings. In the same way, when something goes through democratization, it’s available to everyone so they can access it. Artificial intelligence means sharing the opportunities, benefits, and challenges of the technology with the masses.

The 20th century was devoted to making technology mainstream and accessible to everyone. But it appears that the 21st century is much more devoted to intelligence and geared to make it accessible.

After democratization, nearly every organization will have access to artificial intelligence. Perhaps, the AI accessibility will extend to individuals within organizations as well. The potential use of AI in the future is to

  • Collect data and impose self-learning mechanisms
  • Make near-accurate predictions
  • Observe and assess information to gain insights/knowledge
  • Carry out particular operations

The Major Upside of AI Democratization

AI democratization brings many benefits to the global business realm and the lives of countless individuals. If AI becomes even more accessible worldwide, more businesses will be using it and taking advantage. This will drive major tech companies toward diversity, and the competition will increase globally, resulting in higher-quality products/services.

Companies worldwide will stick with better financing, marketing, and operational strategies with the help of AI. The technology will make predictions on account of fed data and help improve business processes through automation.

 If you’ve heard about virtual assistants and cloud suites, you can assess how AI is powering some of the most effective ideas of today to improve business performance. Besides, that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

With AI democratization, we might come across new ways to use it. It could be in various applications, strategies, and campaigns. We can only imagine the outburst of innovation and developments that will take place as AI becomes accessible to the masses. For example, some experts believe that democratizing AI could result in:

  • Police work tracking and monitoring
  • Climate change monitoring
  • Healthcare standards development


The democratization of AI in the upcoming years seems inevitable as more businesses are gearing towards better, efficient, and effective methods of operation. AI enables a wide range of technologies, including machine learning, big data analytics, deep learning, and so on. Without such technologies, the modern developments that we’re seeing today wouldn’t be possible.

For that reason, it’s imminent to democratize AI and let all the organizations harness the true potential, opportunities, and benefits that lie within it.


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