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What you Should Know about Big Data Management

IT Biz Today Staff

As the world is connecting better and becoming smarter, the internet is collecting huge data and information from each user. Businesses can use this data to understand their target audience and provide optimal solutions using useful insights. For instance, you can understand customer behavior, predict trends, and much more.

Data is available in numerous forms. It can range from social media posts to website cookies. With so much data collected every second from the entire world, it is impossible to process that information. But the data we collect is unstructured. Therefore, we cannot use it until it makes sense. However, we can connect and link the data using advanced analytics tools.

You can refer to this unstructured data as Big Data. These datasets are so huge that you cannot process them using traditional methods. Therefore, businesses are using modern Big Data analytics to translate high-precision data and generate insights. Here is some information about Big Data and Big Data Management:

1. Distributed Data

Big data is an imprecise term and has various definitions. Therefore, it is important to understand that Big Data is distributed data. It indicates that you cannot process or store the data using a single node. Now you no longer need a single big iron server from Sun or IBM to perform business intelligence tasks for analysis.

The advanced way to affordably and quickly process data is through commodity hardware that stores the data into multiple nodes. After adding the nodes, you can add new ones and remove previous nodes according to your needs.

2. MapReduce and Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source platform to consolidate your large-scale data in simple order. This will help you make better and data-oriented decisions. You can use many big analytics infrastructures using Hadoop. There are two stages to implement Hadoop:

  • Hadoop’s distributed file system will help you store data in multiple nodes.
  • MapReduce allows you to process your data using multiple nodes in parallel.

3. Distributed Data Generation

With so much data, generating every day from your phone, you require large-scale distributed computing architecture. This infrastructure will solve numerous problems storing huge data created every second from millions of devices.

4. Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithm helps in differentiating and categorizing the valuable data. They work as big data analytics and find the solution for your problems from abundant data.


Big Data technologies have a huge impact in the changing IT environment. These tools and technologies are changing the way you perform your business activities, including marketing and management. You cannot succeed or grow without utilizing Big Data tools in your business. Because every business and industry needs Big Data, the talent in data implementation and data analysis is booming. Data scientist is introducing new tools to connect all the data of the world. Collecting accurate data will allow you to make better and informed decisions. Furthermore, you can target new potential customers through insights generated from Big Data analytics.


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